(Un)covering assessment

In March I partnered up with BrELT to plan and deliver Designing Private Courses. As I prepared the course and decided what to include, I reviewed and studied a lot about assessment, something that I started studying more in depth around 2013, when I did the Delta module 1 test. It was also in March that we were hit hard by Covid-19.

In April, after Designing, I knew I had to deliver a course about assessment and I first talked about that on my Instagram Stories. To my surprise, many teachers seemed interested and that only confirmed what I’d been feeling for a while: teachers need to know not only if what they’re doing is right, but also learn how to use assessment as a powerful tool, not only as bureaucracy.


In these difficult times, students tend to give up on activities that are not being fruitful, and if you use assessment as a weapon, it can be key to motivating and boosting a sense of progress in our students and this is why it cannot be neglected.

In this 12-hour course, you’ll find a strong theoretical foundation and practical elements of different types of assessment, including examples of tests.

We’ll cover:

assessment concepts (backwash, practicality, reliability, validity)
planning evaluation
evaluating with tests
evaluating without tests
assessing and testing grammar
assessing and testing vocabulary
assessing and testing reading
assessing and testing listening
assessing and testing speaking
assessing and testing reading
assessing and testing reading
assessing and testing  speaking
assessing and testing speaking
assessing and testing writing
online tools
types of tests

Join me on June 14, 21 and 28 from 14.00 to 18:15 if you want to look at how you assess your students in a different, principled way and, as a result, boost their sense of progress. It is time to make our learners even more motivated to keep studying English!

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June 14, 21 and 28
From 14.00 to 18.15

Online via Zoom

Fee: 2 installments of R$285 via Boleto
3 installments of  R$195

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