How to define your next career goals

The English Language Teaching industry is full of possibilities. You may teach kids, teens, adults, Business English, English for Specific Purposes. You may teach groups, one to one, train teachers, write course books, design activities… Oh, boy! There is so much one can do I’d say possibilities are endless and the sky is the limit if you’re a dreamer like me.

The industry is really diverse and we’ve got to be ready for future opportunities, which means we have to be qualified for them. Then there are certificates, diplomas, and before you realize, you’re feeling overwhelmed with all there is. Trust me, I’ve felt the same way.

For instance, a very popular teaching qualification, if not the most popular, is the Cambridge CELTA. If you’ve heard of this certificate, I bet you’ve considered doing it at some point in your teaching career.

If you are insecure about your career path, I have a simple exercise that will help you find clarity regardless of what you do or would like to do in the ELT world.

Thank you for reading, watching and, hopefully, sharing with your friends. Join the discussion in the comments! I can’t wait to hear about your next goals.


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